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hey remember that time i got grounded because i saw my dads girlfriend in the car and then saw my dad putting the dog in the back of the car and asked why he was bringing both the dogs with us

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So do colorblind folks ever try to convince White Supremacists that race is just a social construct or do they only do it when POC have legitimate criticisms of race relations in various countries around the world?

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Step into a World: for-refined-eyes-only: killyovibe: The way women describe the before...



The way women describe the before and after process of having children makes me not want to have children, i want a family in the future, but pregnancy sounds like some sickening form of torture. I still remember that pregnancy video we had to watch…

Yeah, I can understand that. Some days I even feel the same way. But I literally get queasy, and I start to feel sick when women talk about pregnancy and stuff. And if I’m around someone showing a lot I really start to feel nauseous and I feel like a horrible person. I have no business having children. It’s just that I cringe when I think about the temporary and permanent affects, the chemical changes, actually birthing the baby, and God forbid I don’t get the best care and something happens to my child. Which is likely since I’m not white. Too vain and too paranoid.

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Just Me: sourcedumal: Miss me with this bullshit notion that ‘people on twitter...


Miss me with this bullshit notion that ‘people on twitter are stupid’ when it comes to racist ass reactions to media

That shit is white supremacy exemplefied.

When Rue died in the Hunger Games and so many fucking people PROUDLY proclaimed that they didn’t care because it was…

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